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Fgr Command Find Tool 4.7.4

  • Fgr

    The fgr program is small and simple command line application to find files and pipe the result to grep in order to refine the search based on content. fgr is a command line find tool which combines the power of find with the versatility of grep.
  • GUI

    A graphic front end for fgr is now available in the Rodent filemanager. If you install Rodent filemanager then fgr is already installed. If you do not install Rodent filemanager, then you can install fgr as a stand alone command line tool suitable for use from the terminal. Help on usage is available via man fgr.
  • Translations

    fgr currently has translations for the following languages: af ar as ast az be@latin be bg bn br bs ca ca@valencia crh csb cs cy da de dz el en_CA en_GB eo es et eu fa fi fr fy ga gl gu he hi hne hr hsb hu hy ia id is it ja ka km kn ko ku lt lv mai mk ml mr ms nb nds ne nl nn oc or pa pl ps pt_BR pt ro ru si sk sl sq sr@ijekavianlatin sr@ijekavian sr@ije sr@latin sr sv ta te tg th tr ug uk uz@cyrillic uz vi wa xh zh_CN zh_HK zh zh_TW.Big5 zh_TW. (Yes, that's quite a few.)
  • Development

    fgr first appeared (as glob) in the year 2000 in the xfce3 desktop and is now part of the Xffm distribution and as such is included with Rodent Filemanager Today fgr can be installed along with Rodent filemanager or as a standalone application. This allows for quick and easy installation in any system. The fgr program does not have any dependencies, except for GNU grep 2.x or higher if you want to search into the content of files.

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